About A-Winning Flair

A-Winning Flair focuses mainly on development of quality electronic products, and partnering with small and medium business that possess sales channel within and outside Taiwan, so as to provide quality products and develop markets together.

Professional Products:

Radar Sign ( Speed Sign ), Traffic Counter, Traffic Video Record System, Solar Charge Controller, Inverter, etc.

Professional Services:

  1. Design, manufacture, and provides quality control for Printed Circuit Boards utilizing DSP, Microprocessors, for equipment and system control
  2. Provides high efficiency and high cost-performance ratio switching power supply design, manufacture and quality control.
  3. Solar Charge Controller/Inverter printed circuit board design, manufacture and quality control

Service Details:

We insist on “Trust, innovation, quality and sustainability” in our management principal. We provides complete solutions, from research and development, design, manufacturing, assembly, to quality control. Satisfying customers in terms of price, quality, lead time and service.

Since 1983...

Our engineer team start their experience since 1983 for Radar (RF) related electronic consumer products.